How to Install Led Lights in Your Xbox360





Introduction: How to Install Led Lights in Your Xbox360

Tools Needed:
• Very small flathead screwdriver or a flat point such as a kitchen knife or pushpin
• Small Phillips head screwdriver
• A torx style star head screwdriver size T10
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I've seen a lot of these sorts of videos for an Xbox 360, but all of them involve soldering wires and such to the DVD drive, which I've heard people get banned from. So a thought struck me; could you wire the LEDs to the USB ports in the back of the Xbox? That way Microsoft, assuming they do monitor Xbox voltage (which i dont think they do, but being on the safe side) wouldn't know what was plugged into the USB port, the LEDs would be easily removable, and you'd still have some fancy lighting. Do you think this is viable? Also, where did you get the LED strip?

you can get the strip of leds in many places on the internet ebay etc. a good source is i also seen where people used christmas lights and the way suggested might work sorry for replying such a long time after you asked

Sorry, just read the description about the LEDs.