How to jailbreak (untethered) 3.0 and 2.2.1

Picture of How to jailbreak (untethered) 3.0 and 2.2.1
UPDATE:the dev team has released a new version of redsn0w and saurik has released new versions of Mobile Substrate and winterboard for the 3GS!

2.2.1 is only for the ipod touch 2G.

And also check out the data that I, Cyle/cyleleghorn/A.C.E., have added to it.

MAJOR UPDATE: 3.0 has been released to the public! check out the new 3.0 page that I, Champster have created.

UPDATE 4/13/09: Robots199 has been added as a collaborator.
UPDATE 4/14/09: New Pictures added and a new app was added by Robots199
UPDATE 4/29/09: New apps and sources have been added by Champster
UPDATE 4/30/09: New pics added by Robots199
UPDATE 6/25/09: Champster did a spellcheck to the Instructable and some other things.

scienceboy63 has a great Instructable on how to go from a tethered jailbreak to an untethered without restoring. click me go straight to step four, because the first 3 steps are already on my instructable. (im guessing he didn't search before making it) except, I think the link to download the tethered to untethered is on step 1 or 2.

I added, as a green twist, a way to properly dispose of a dead, bricked, broken, or otherwise non-working ipod touch or iphone. The complete details are in the last step. Please, when you move on to something other than your ipod, please don't just throw it in the trash. You need to make sure it gets to the big apple recycling store in the sky, instead of spending years in a landfill rotting and slowly being consumed by tiny land critters, all of whom will die after ingesting a capacitor or drinking lcd ink. Please help save the planet!!

goto the last step for the green twist.

For Firmware 3.0/2.21 which are currently the two latest iPod firmwares. if apple comes out with a later firmware do not do this, wait for me to come out with an update.

This is your Instructable if you got a SECOND GENERATION ipod touch thinking you would be able to jailbreak it, and were horribly disappointed when you tried and bricked your ipod and had to restore (like me lol) this is an untethered jailbreak, which means it can reboot WITHOUT having you hook it back up to your computer. I will probably not be using real pictures since I just finished setting back up all of my jailbroken and non apps and I don't feel like having to do it all again, but I WILL go through the trouble of using gimp to make it look like they are real lol.
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ok, so on quickfreedom when you browse the file i can only find a zipper file with two files, firmware and somthing else any help would be appreciated
I'll take broken ipods
How do you change the font on your computer?
A.C.E. (author)  Millawi Legend3 years ago
I'm on windows vista, this wont be the same for xp but it probably will for 7. I right click the desktop and personalize, then "Windows Color and Appearance" then "Open classic appearance properties.." then click "Advanced". Its pretty straightforward from there.
wee_man4 years ago
An easier arguably more safer way to jailbreak that works on any ipod touch is here
need help4 years ago
So my itouch 2G screen didn’t turn white. But Itunes recognize it and it is in DFU mode…I try unplug and plug it back in.But it wouldn’t work.. what can I do?!? Please help!!
A.C.E. (author)  need help4 years ago
You need to try holding down both buttons to see if it resets. if it doesnt then put it in dfu mode and restore in itunes then redo the process. NEVER unplug it unless you see the springboard or the tutorial says to.
can't seem to find where my 3.0 update resides on the HD. Only empty folder in iTunes music folder. My iPod is updated however.
Enable Hidden Folders
laylow7144 years ago
i need help i did all the steps but i still dont see cydia on my ipod touch plz help.
A.C.E. (author)  laylow7144 years ago
That means you didnt hold shift when you clicked restore. If you did hold shift and you did click restore but you messed up on one of the other steps you would have gotten an error in itunes. if you held shift and did everything right you would have hacked firmware AND cydia. since you got everything set up it should take you less than 30 minutes to rejailbreak. all you need to do is put the ipod in dfu mode and do the prejailbreak again, then hold shift and click restore in itunes and find the jailbroken ipsw file than quick freedom made.
A.C.E. (author)  A.C.E.4 years ago
i meant to say "THAT quick freedom made." there in the last sentence.
lasterlock5 years ago
ok i went through all the steps and now im in itunes and its has said restoring ipod software for about 45 min now what should i do?
A.C.E. (author)  lasterlock5 years ago
it is working i think. if there was a little status bar on the ipod that is good. It shouldnt take that much longer unless its a really old computer. i have a 2005 desktop and it takes me about 50 minutes to do the whole process, and 35 or 40 of it is restoring.
Gamez5 years ago
Hello, i have run into a problem and im not quite sure what to do :/... I have gotten to the patching stage but i keep getting a message saying that 7-zip standalone console has encountered a problem and needs to close... It will not patch the firmware... What do i do??? Thanks in advance
granjef35 years ago
A.C.E did you add the 3.0 jailbreak part before june 21st? someone made ANOTHER redsn0w tutorial.
A.C.E. (author)  granjef35 years ago
yeah, it was like the 15th or something lol.. COPIERS!!!!!
granjef3 A.C.E.5 years ago
ill go tell him/her
granjef3 A.C.E.5 years ago
well im back home now and i think i am going to update the 3.0 page on how to do it on mac.
ciglesia5 years ago
Hey im running Windows XP and i have everything i need got to the custom firmware part it finished creating BUT when patching it it gets to finalizing patch and it just stays there ive slept for like 8 hrs i wake up and it still is stuck on "Finalizing Firmware." Oh and i have the newest version of QuickFreedom. Can you please help.
are you trying to jailbreak 3.0? You have to use the new release of redsnow on the 3.0 page.
granjef35 years ago
Thanks A.C.E for adding in the new redsn0w release, i am on vacation and i was busy.
granjef35 years ago
Now i watch the video. so you have a annoying little brother? feel lucky! i have two sisters!
Chocoloco5 years ago
I put my iPod in DFU mode but then i accidentally pressed cancel when itunes came up. Now my iPod won't turn back on. what do i do? please help
A.C.E. (author)  Chocoloco5 years ago
if you did the pre-jailbreak then you will have to put it in dfu mode again and then restore it. if you did not do the pre-jailbreak, hold both buttons down and eventually you will see the apple. release them then and it will power on as usual.
matt-chippa5 years ago
Help Me! i download the firware but when i go to Quickfreedom it cant find the firmware, and when i browse i cant find the ipsw file
z-man62335 years ago
Can i film it? No that is not neccasary. Lol
td03135 years ago
ok this isn't working. I go to create the custom firmware, and it says its starting to create it, but a window comes up and says "error! error creating firmware" and the log still says its creating it! i downloaded libusb and the c++ file, but nothings working! im using vista, so could that have something to do with it? help please!
granjef35 years ago
A.C.E it was me who added pics, i just forgot to put i added them.
Paiv5 years ago
OMG I've done everything and now I just need to create the custom IPSW file. Except when I go to make the file in quickfreedom the change log says "Error - Could not load IPSW". I have no idea why this is happening.
granjef3 Paiv5 years ago
Did you install the C++ redistro from step 2 and renamed it and r u using vista? if so make sure you set up libusb correctly.
Paiv granjef35 years ago
Hmm. I set up the C++ file correctly and the libusb file. I'm using 64-bit Vista. For now I'll double check the libusb file cause I'm not 100% sure about that one.
A.C.E. (author)  Paiv5 years ago
libusb jacked up my usb ports hen i didnt install it just right. if you open quick freedom with your ipod plugged in and it knows what state the ipod is in (indicated in the lower right corner) then it is installed good.
smsspdh5 years ago
On the gpsphone can you design your own theme for it if so is it hard or time consuming?
if you know how to make good images in photoshop or gimp then its easy. just get one of the default themes that you hate, and replace the images.
A.C.E. (author)  granjef35 years ago
well for instance the iglasssol theme, for bowling for instance. how did the maker make the pins so good? it looks like 3 pins standing up. there are different color shades and everything is shiny and reflective. i guess im just a noob with gimp, i can only use simple filters and transparency and make banners and stuff
granjef3 A.C.E.5 years ago
it takes gradients a steady hand and lots of training. Also skill
A.C.E. (author)  granjef35 years ago
ok yeah
teckner5 years ago
I was wondering if you knew how to change the text that says "iPod" on a jailborken iTouch (I have installed and cydia). Thanks, Posted from my iPod
A.C.E. (author)  teckner5 years ago
yeah search for an app in cydia that will either be called mim or make it mine
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