Introduction: How to Keep Birds From Eating Your Grass Seeds.

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do you try to grow grass by laying expesive grass seeds on the ground just to discover almost all of them have been eaten by birds?

well i have found a cool idea on how to keep this from happing......first losen the dirt were you want to plant your grass,then lay the seeds the way the instructions on the pakage say to then add a small amount of dirt for the top water the ground pretty good,. now you can go to the hard-ware store and get a construction clear disposable plastic tarp, used for covering fruniture and stuff when painting you can ask a worker ther to show you were to find it....., use the transparent one so the seedlings get some sun,....cut a large enough peice to cover your lawn you may need a few strips. this waill also create a green house like place to meke the grass grow faster.....use some large nails or pvc pipeing to pin the plastic to the ground put one on each corner and one in the middle to keep the wind from blowing it away.....dont worry if you have to do your front yard because you only need to put it on for about a week, or just untill the seeds sprout. you will not need to water during this time because the plastic keeps the water from escaping . adfter they sprout the birds will not eat them, but be sure no people step on them
                                          this is a cool effective way to grow grass,  ANY QUESTONS OR CONCERNS ? JUST ASK
  your yard may look wierd but its only temporary and its all worth it!

this is a little drawing i made to describe. love pianolover10124353


JuliaB39 made it! (author)2016-03-08

if you lay the seeds in March which is the earliest recommended, there shouldn't be to much hot sun to worry about, I tear open clear recycling bags and cover mine, I do this method every year where one part of the lawn gets water logged and kills off a big patch. I also pin them down with mini scare crows, it works for me.

dchall8 (author)2013-05-26

This technique is used to kill seeds not grow them. It is called 'soil solarizing' and is used to bake the seeds by capturing moisture underneath the plastic. The moisture forms drops under the plastic which magnify the sunlight just like a magnifying glass. This kills the seeds underneath by heating them.

well, i try this with lots of things and i have never had a problem, if you only have it on for the amount of time i tell you to this wont happen. but thanks for sharing,

Raigmoul (author)2013-05-24

Hi Pianolover,
An easier way (and maybe cheaper - depends on where you live / shop)  is to go to your local garden centre and buy some netting, you might find it also in your £1 / $1 store.

I re-seeded my backyard a couple of years ago, I used that netting to stop the birds and pigeons from eating the lot. I didn't lay the net directly on the ground, instead, I cut up some metal coat hangers, made a little loop at the top and pushed them into the ground. End result, netting hooked in those loops / raised above ground level.

My rationale is some opportunistic / clever birds will try to get the seed through the net...if they succeed or get caught in the net it won't be good either way, also allows watering of soil underneath.
Hope that makes sense.


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