How to Keep Warm in Winter





Introduction: How to Keep Warm in Winter

hi, this is a great idea to keep you warm while you are camping. it is pretty self explanatory, all you have to do is sew two car windscreen heat reflectors together and put your sleeping bag inside. it reflects most of your body heat back onto you so you keep much warmer.
this cost under 10 dollars, as one of the reflectors cost $7 , the other one i already had, and the string i had as well. i hope this was usefull and it keeps you warm. 



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    At a dollar store the reflector is 3$.

    I've done this before. Just make to poke lots and lots of holes in it! I woke up completely soaked in sweat and vapor, because this doesn't absorb the moisture like foam does.

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    closed cell foam doesn't absorb any moisture either. But still it's about as breathing as a plastic bag ... Just as long as you don't breath inside the reflective thingy condensation will be minimal I guess. Just be prppared to let the thing and you sleeping bag air and dry the next day.

    I found two these in my in laws basement. I had a thought of using them as an under tent pad instead of blue tarp. I use a Eureeka Solitaire and the extra weight of two of these (trimmed to size of tent) would be minimal.

    As far as climbing inside these I would worry about moisture/condensation.

    not yet, i am going camping in a few months, but i might try it outside in my back yard tonight

    i just tested it outside last night. i was sleeping on the back patio on the concrete. i had a 10 dollar yoga mat and the reflector thing and a +5 degrees sleeping bag (in the picture). it was warm enough, and i could use a sleeping bag liner and a warmer sleeping bag to stay warmer.

    That is clever.

    Agreed. A simple, yet effective idea - well done. It should help to keep you warm and dry.

    really great idea! im gonna use it. tanks

    I like it. Nice idea.