WARNING : an adult should not drink more than 12 cl to 20 cl of wine a day depending of his weight. A pregnant woman should NEVER drink ANY wine and preferably would stop drinking wine before being pregnant.

This having been said, il will explain you how to keep wine.

The main ennemies of wine are :
- light
- temperature amplitude.
- moist.
- trepidation.

To keep you wine, you will need :
- food quality aluminium foil.
- food quality plastic foil.
- paper.
- classical pencil (no marker)

Step 1: Write the Label

Write the :
- Year (millesime)
- Name
- classification
I usually keep my bottles wrap in those narrow paper bag I save from the store. Aluminum foil is probably better, but I usually keep my red wine for 4-5 years and white wine for 2-3 years.<br />
<p>ALTOMIC's post at the top, had me laughing right away. I share is sentiment!</p>
I don't understand the whole "buy alcohol but don't drink it immediately" concept. how does that work?!?!? I think this instructable is broken.
SO wine which is fresh tastes very rich and just cheap, keep it for 10 years and aromas will start stirring in there ad it will taste richer and can resell for lots at 40 years the wine aroma is reaching its peak and can sell for possibly over 1000 dollars a bottle. After 50 years it tastes rotten. So stock up 100 bottles keep them for 50 years and thats a good way to make 40-50k money, not very good to do that thou.
The concept is : wine gets new aromas when kept several years in a bottle. It starts with little aroma, then more, then aromas die when too long in the bottle : length and shape of the curve depends of the type of wine and the year of harvest. If you have a lot of money you can pay high price to be at the top of the curve (for an example you are in 2008 and pay 30$ for a 2000 bottle) , if not you keep you own wine (for example you have paid the same bottle 5$ in 2000 and kept it till 2008).
<em>an adult should not drink more than 12 cl to 20 cl of wine a day depending of his weight.</em><br/><br/>Er, 20cl is 2 litres. The maximum recommended intake of alcohol for men is 3-4 units per day. 2 litres is <strong>16</strong> units of alcohol.<br/><br/>Maybe you've mixed up your calculations...?<br/><br/>Other than that, a very interesting project.<br/>
sorry kiteman, 200cl are 2 liters, a can of coke contain 33cl a glass of wine, is most of the time filled with 10cl of wine a bottle of wine is 75cl ( 0.75L ) but you can find 50cl bottle ( this is a bottle for 2 persons during one meal, because the small content of alcohol allow you to drive, wich is not possible with a 75cl bottle. I don't agree with the wrapping system, the cork need to breath !! 2 others things are fine if you want to age some wine : - find some speleogist friends ( i don't know if speleogist is an english word, it's like proctologist but into earth bowels ), and forget some bottles in a cave. - scuba diving , forget some bottle underwater ( a heard talk about mountain lake ) ...
(If you check the posts I made almost exactly a year ago, two months before you joined the site, I admitted to the typo.)
20 cL = .2L = 200mL<br/>centilitre is seems like a pretty uncommon unit to use for me they're never used on any packaging or scientific equipment I've seen. Everyone in Australia, uses mLs for quantities that small but I don't know about others<br/>
It's legitimate, just uncommon. I only ever see it used in relation to wine.
2Ocl is 0.2 l, 200 cl is 2 l
Oops! My bad - sorry.
Everybody can make mistakes. I also make mistakes with imperial measures.
wait, they recommend the consumption of alcohol for dudes? haha
They recommend a <em>maximum</em> - they don't recommend a minimum.<br/>

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