Introduction: How to Keep Your Dog From Chewing Your Remote Control

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tired of your family pet stealing your only source of R&R; to find it crumpled to bits in your backyard or under your blankets in your bed?
tired of losing that darn remote control in the sofa?
tired of arguing with your spouse about who left it where?
i have found a solution!!!!!!

Step 1: Get Jumbo Remote

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i bought the RC for $12.89 by using a 20% off coupon at bed, bath, beyond.

Step 2: Trace Remote

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traced around the remote control on a piece of tile, concrete or slate. and cut it to fit.
stick small pieces of Velcro on the bottom

Step 3: Velcro It

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cut the slate to shape and Velcro the RC to the slate
(you gotta use Velcro so you can change batteries later)

Step 4: Test It Out

Picture of Test It Out

sleight weighs about 40lbs/sq ft./1 inch deep)
if your dog steals this or you lose have problems.
good uses:
never have to look through the sofa again for that lost remote control
never argue again with your spouse about who left it where
no more dog beatings
paper weight
small pool table
blunt weapon for cat burglars
squish fairies


Mr Rancher (author)2013-06-23

"small pool table
blunt weapon for cat burglars
squish fairies

Jeffolaey11 (author)2011-07-17

rofl squsih fairies

hedzup456 (author)2011-02-12

pesonally, i use my semi auto...its fun, but we cant have and decor:(

Sandisk1duo (author)2007-12-05

why not just use a block of lead i sugest using on THIS big

Because than you would get led poisoning from just changing the channel! :( Not really but still. Oh and nice Instructable.

But atleast it will taste good, a good morning snack, mmm, sweet

awang8 (author)Sandisk1duo2009-02-10

That looks like a radioactive material handler...

Sandisk1duo (author)awang82009-02-11

don't be silly! that's just a sticker! : )

zack247 (author)Sandisk1duo2010-04-12

or is it..........?

why not use my dads 2, 5 gallon buckets of tire wheaghts

fortneja (author)2008-05-22

Perfect! I was looking for a way to squish fairies! This will do nicely.

bowmaster (author)fortneja2010-02-21

I snipe them out with my blowgun.

james.mcglashan (author)2009-09-01

Nice, 1 Prob, Strong dogs wont care.

crapflinger (author)2007-09-12

yeah...and when anyone else in the house get's tired of lugging the slate around...they'll just pull the remote off since it's just held there with velcro....thereby defeating the if you drop it on your foot? or heaven forbid you say "hey....throw me the remote" and it lands in your lap

good point. or what about the "angry at the NFL" remote throw?

Haha, try explaining that when you take your TV in because it was under warranty. LOL!

oooooooo I see your ponit here......

Hoyt (author)crapflinger2007-09-12

I just bought the exact same remote. Jimminy, that sucker's big. Even without the slate, this remote is still so big that the dog or anybody else would have a hard time sneaking off with it.

Colonel88 (author)2009-08-22

No,No how about you SUPERGLUE it, eh? noone will ever steal it :D

jackfr0st (author)2007-09-12

a universal remote? at bed bath and beyond?... was it in the way beyond? lol i just finished click

joelsprayberry (author)jackfr0st2007-09-12

way way beyond

Derin (author)joelsprayberry2009-07-17

*pauses the boss* *fart in face* *play*

ggiihh1 (author)2008-09-30

I happen to have that exact remote for my television [=

dombeef (author)ggiihh12009-07-12

Me too

Bongmaster (author)2007-12-14

pee on the dog :D (personally i wouldn't, but it might work :D ) I'm kidding really :)

ReCreate (author)Bongmaster2009-05-23

you could do it to the remote,to claim it...

Lftndbt (author)Bongmaster2008-01-27

That's just scary! LoL

robots199 (author)2008-06-30

I had a limited edition 4 foot long TV remote and amazingly, I lost it.

Rokko8652 (author)robots1992008-08-23

..............WHAT!!?!?!?! thats funny, lol, really funny....

boognishmofo (author)2008-08-15

I had this problem last night. He is mighty mutt though. He dragged a 50# bag of mortar across the back yard last week and last month it was a heavy duty marine battery weighs more than the mortar. He likes to remind me every now and then that it is his back yard.

incorrigible packrat (author)2008-01-28

Why not stick a piece of concrete, tile or slate to the dog?

Stercus Fit (author)2007-09-13

FYI: The same remote can be gotten at Walgreens for $9.99. I love mine. :) I don't have a dog (poo college apartments) but couldn't you also just put velcro on the back and stick it on the wall where the dog can't reach it? (ie: the same thing you did, sans the weight and sticking it to the wall instead of the table).

awe man, yours was cheaper :-( velcro it to the wall....... yes, but then that wouldn't have been funny.

saites2001 (author)2007-09-12

You could put that basic psychology class to good use and give the dog a "taste aversion" to the remote control. That would certainly stop him from chewing on it.

i like my remote to smell like cheetos.

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