Werewolve's, half man, half wolf. Yet, how do you really kill one? Movie's state that the the only sure fire way to kill one is by silver bullet or a blunt, silver object. Now to become a truly great hunter you have to know it's origin, strengths, weaknesses, and what works best to kill it. But, why kill such a beautiful animal?

Step 1: A Werewolve's Origin

The origin of the word "werewolf" comes from the greek word lycanthropes. Werewolve's are granted the ability to morf (shape shift) from human, to wolves or anthropomorphic wolf-like creatures. They also have been granted extra-human strength and senses, far beyond those of a wolf of human. Werewolve's have very distinct features. Large amounts a fur,  the meeting of eyebrows at the bridge of the nose, curved nails, low set ears and a swinging stride. A method to find out if a "human" is in fact a human, is to cut a patch away from the scin of the accused, and if fur is in the wound, they are a what they are accused of, a werewolf. A Russian superstistion recalls if you lift the tounge and there are bristles, they are a lycan.
Im a werewolf and they r real.
<p>i have a friend that thinks hes a werewolf i live in pasedena california i just think it is him on drugs or dreaming THERE NOT REAL</p>
I've killed three werewolves (jokes by laughing to friends)
Someone needs to look up what fiction is... If a kid wrote this I can see why. I thought werewolves were real and awesome as a kid. If an adult wrote this, you need to get out more.
I had to revert to a middle school version of myself just to read this. A lot of your information is based on fiction, because all "werewolves" are fictitious. There are true wolfkin (therianthropes who identify with a wolf spirit), but they don't typically harm people unless they are defending themselves from crazy dramatic teenagers who are trying to be "werewolf hunters". Stick to fiction kid. That's obviously where you belong. And to the "werewolf" who claims he tried to off himself, you're no real wolf but I wish you'd succeeded.
I'll just use a silver shotgun, they're too fast to hit with a rifle.
you are right, they can be beutifull indeed, and their existance is also filled with mistery, I think they only know how to hide themselves<br />
i gess the only way to be completly sure if a person is actualy a werewolf is by watching them morph, but if I see any of the above in a person, I would watch them closely at nights (they wont take me by surprise haha).<br />
I didn't knew that from mercury<br />
oh that wolf has tatoos. he is the collest amog the wolves.<br />
like that will help dont you know we werewolves cant die ive tried to kill my self several times still here
while these will work, you can always just go nuts and unleash all hell on it. <br /> <br /> <br /> of course by this I mean literally beating it to a pulp or cremate it. my personal favorite is just regular bullets being fed into a minigun.

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