Introduction: How to Kill the Enderdragon

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to kill it you will need
.about 1 stack of any block
.a bow 2 stacks of arrows
.a diamond sword
.full diamond armor
1 piston (not sticky)
1 redstone torch
and potions

Step 1: Go to the End

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hi this is my first instructable so no hate. first u have to go find a stronghold. then you put eyes of ender in the empty portal blocks. then it should have turned the lava into a portal if you stand on top of the portal block. and yes i am in creative mode so i don't die whilst making this insructable.or if you cant find one you could make one like in the picture although there are some things you cant see here so i will put a link to the vid. is the link just copy and paste into browser.

Step 2: Jump In

as the title says

Step 3: Dig Up

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you should start here about 5-10 blocks up is the end although some people start off the edge on an obsidian platform. if ur in creative mode just fly over or dig and fly up. if ur in survival bring blocks and or a diamond pick.

Step 4: Climb or Fly

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climb (or fly) up one of the obsidian towers.

Step 5: Shoot All the Ender Crystals

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then shoot all the ender crystals with a bow.

Step 6: Savage It

then savage it however you please. XD and ur done just push the dragon egg with a piston and collect it. then build a monument


creeper lover (author)2014-02-13

Already did it

DavenA1 (author)creeper lover2015-05-25

ya sure

billybad2999 (author)2014-03-20

Ya it was 4 beginners not experts

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