How to Launch Websites From Your Desktop!





Introduction: How to Launch Websites From Your Desktop!

this is my 7th instructable!!! im sure that you have seen this before but i havent seen it on instructables before so i thought i would show you this useful to launch sites from you're desktop.

Step 1: Favorite

first find the website that you want to be able to launch from you're desktop...instructables for example...

first favorite the website...

now you need to find you're favorites file, it is usually in you're documents...well mine was :D

now copy the favorite...

Step 2: Paste

now paste your favorite onto your desktop...

it looks quite plain so you can change the icon if you wish
just click properties>change icon then click on one you like

well thats it...finished dont forget to comment and rate!



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    wow this is a really complicated procedure are you a computer hacker i would never have thought of this thank you informative!!

    you can just go to bookmarks, right click link,copy, go to desktop, right click, and paste shortcut

    sarix0 you are compleletly right i just did it in 5 seconds

    There is a WAY faster way of doing this. Just right click the desktop, go down to " Create New " and when the next menu comes up, click " Create Shortcut ". You will be asked for the path of this shortcut. Simply type in the address of the site for ex: then click " OK ". Done.

    I thought this was how to create a web site. Dang. I was like to see a new instructable about web design.

    where did you get the clock on your desktop?

    its not a clock, its a cpu meter, but you can also get a clock there, its a feature called gadgets of windows vista and you can download extra gadgets and stuff, thats why i like vista.

    i have one too but its like a graph

    vista sucks it crashes all of the time and they changed everything i would rather use ms-dos its easier to use than vista too.