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change your name by deed poll for free
this is how to change your name in the uk..
happily and contrary to popular belief.. there is NO big book with your name in...
if you wake up tomorrow wanting to be called "pepperpot smith arsebuckle" you can..
its that simple..
to get it on official documents is only slightly harder..
i recently (for a pint bet) changed my name from "david sleight" to "david danger sleight"... it was that kind of pint bet...
my friend still has to change his name to "random" but its being worked on...
simply change my name on this simplified deed poll cert to your chosen name, add a cheeky font..
and print it on parchment paper..
dont forget the correct paper.. i got mine from staples..
then its a case of meeting 2 of your freinds in a pub and getting them to co-sign at the bottom..
they both witnessess add name address and signiture..
then send off whenever you want a new driving licence/passport etc.. my driving licence came
back last week, so im buying no lager for a while.. although my bus driving career may take a hit
its also a good idea to print off and sign around 10 forms.. as some government departments
will not accept photocopys, and u dont want to be messing about in the future..
so, there u have it... no solicitors involved, name changed legally for the price of a pack of paper..
dont forget to inform the taxman!
let me know if you change yours to somthing fruity..

ive just noticed my scanners missed off the bottom of the form, just add
a load of dots to write a name address and signed by bit for 2 people.. good luck!


agr0na74 (author)2011-07-31

nope you can not change your name legally to anything vulgar or offensive nothing racist and no swear words allowed nothing with over 250 charactors no punctuation marks and nothing you cant pronounce!

lieuwe (author)2010-01-23

 awsume, this really works?(looks legit) just too bad i don't live in the uk :-/

daytimedave (author)lieuwe2010-01-26

yep, and danger really is my middle name:@) 

lieuwe (author)daytimedave2010-01-29

 awesume, but don't they 'filter' out some words? could you rename yourself albert g. fucktard?

daytimedave (author)lieuwe2010-01-29

honestly not sure, be interesting to find out tho:@)
mine went thru fine.. will post a pic 

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