Picture of how to mail Anthrax

With digital media being shared online, it's easy to forget the halcyon days of listening to your favourite mix and trading physical music with your friends. Though it may be getting more difficult to find old media, like compact discs, sharing your favourite Anthrax album is easy.

I found a few Anthrax metal classics that I wanted to share with a friend. Since they live far away, I decided to mail them.

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Step 1: Packaging

Picture of Packaging

Packaging your Anthrax is important. You don't want to have your discs damaged during transit, so make sure you get a padded envelope.

To reduce the chance of your package being opened and mishandled, make sure you write the recipient's name correctly and clearly.

Step 2: Add note

Picture of Add note

My friend who is going to get my Anthrax package is a big metal fan and plays in a band. I wanted to let him know that this music I was sending should inspire him to be more metal. And, there's no metal like old metal.

Step 3: Post

Picture of Post

Stuff Anthrax into envelope along with your note and send through the mail. Depending on where you are sending your tunes, it could take a few days. This Anthrax was going to the Mariana Trench, so I think it might take a while.

Happy pranksgiving!

Remember to only send approved items through your local post. Mailing anything prohibited is illegal and you could be criminally charged.

vincent75208 months ago

For beetles poke holes in the envelope so the little beasts can breath.

Sovereignty9 months ago

Awesome! Now make one with 'rice in' it!

krimeboss10009 months ago
I found this so funny that I uploaded it to 9gag. I hope you don't mind. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more instructables from you
Rober10069 months ago
Oh, very nice! Recording a new album in mariana trench is BRUTAL!!!
LP29 months ago

My first thought was "WHAT !?"

This one must have freaked the NSA out a bit.

LMAO now.

nerd7473 LP29 months ago
oh and happy pi day
LP2 nerd74739 months ago

nerd7473 LP29 months ago


nerd7473 LP29 months ago
I bet at first I was like wtf dude that doesn't sound like a good idea
LP29 months ago

Be sure to mark the Envelope with,....."Caution, Fragile, Do Not Bend Anthrax Enclosed"

That should be my last post on this one.

Tex Arcana9 months ago
ANTHRAX!!! DËTHKLÖK!!! THE AWESOME IS GREAT!! Thanks for the laugh!
BuddMonkey9 months ago
You just made Friday even better.
don't forget still pi day
halofreak1019 months ago
Oh instructables and your randomness.
johnnybro5129 months ago
what's the prank??? stupid.

Antherax is a rather nasty, and dangerous illness, and was once popular to send in the post as a form of assassination. Think "white powder" in the mail type synario.

omnibot9 months ago
teh trolling is strong with tis one
jgilbert339 months ago
~ giggled ~
dan25259 months ago
The trolling of this post
kevenr179 months ago

Very Nice!! LOL!!

Nicely done, very nicely done. Made my day!
timfiredog9 months ago
*tips hat* this has made my day complete
thalbritter9 months ago
Most clever instructable I've ever seen! You are brilliant and I needed the laugh more than you know! Thanks!
cbrown189 months ago
I was looking for the upvote button then realized where I was! haha
RacistWaffle9 months ago
Someone give this guy a medal
CIDHH69 months ago
Clever :)
deathgrip9 months ago
You. You sir. Your....your alright. Lol
Mielameri9 months ago
Lol'ed hardcore at this
xOgrex9 months ago
Well played, sir.