Picture of how to make, more blowgun darts
in this instructable i will tell you how to make blowgun darts out of the rubber covering on the mini alligator-clips (the electrical insulating part), blu tack and a nail.
i will also tell you how to make a cocktail umbrella into a blowgun dart (i have too much time on my hands)
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Step 1: To make the first dart

Picture of to make the first dart
1. gather materials shown (blu-tac, aforementioned alligator-clip cover and 50mm (2 inch) nail)

2. wrap small amount of blu-tac around top of nail so it can still fit point-first into the rubber clip cover's larger end

3. put the nail point-first through the hole in the rubber cover as pictured and pull tightly so the blu-tac fastens it.

4. straighten the nail (it tends to be crooked) and fire!

Step 2: Umbrella-dart

Picture of umbrella-dart
to make the umbrella dart:

1. there should be some small rubber bands on the umbrella (assuming you bought them in a packet, if you didn't, tie the fins back with thin twine or string in step 6), take them off but do not discard

2. open out the umbrella

3. carefully tear out all of the supporting struts of the umbrella so as not to tear it or break the spokes

4. remove the sliding hub the struts were attached to

5. put umbrella inside-out and bunch up (still inside out)

6. replace larger of the two rubber bands removed earlier in a way that will hold the dart closed.

7. fire!

torned004 years ago
rubber doesn't glide smoothly.
I used a 1 1/2 inch screw with no clay. Or playdo, or whatever that stuff is. It worked pretty good.
vincek497 years ago
like the umbrella 1
Hmmm. I wonder what the cover-less alligator clips are being used for... Might it have something to do with the somewhat blurry photos?
pj133787 years ago
this is cool cause i have a home made blowgun and my darts are crappy and these work for me
andy608 years ago
i used a reqular toothpick and a small peice of paper.