in this instructable i will tell you how to make blowgun darts out of the rubber covering on the mini alligator-clips (the electrical insulating part), blu tack and a nail.
i will also tell you how to make a cocktail umbrella into a blowgun dart (i have too much time on my hands)

Step 1: To Make the First Dart

1. gather materials shown (blu-tac, aforementioned alligator-clip cover and 50mm (2 inch) nail)

2. wrap small amount of blu-tac around top of nail so it can still fit point-first into the rubber clip cover's larger end

3. put the nail point-first through the hole in the rubber cover as pictured and pull tightly so the blu-tac fastens it.

4. straighten the nail (it tends to be crooked) and fire!
rubber doesn't glide smoothly.
I used a 1 1/2 inch screw with no clay. Or playdo, or whatever that stuff is. It worked pretty good.
like the umbrella 1
Hmmm. I wonder what the cover-less alligator clips are being used for... Might it have something to do with the somewhat blurry photos?
this is cool cause i have a home made blowgun and my darts are crappy and these work for me
i used a reqular toothpick and a small peice of paper.

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