Picture of how to make 1 usb into 2, or more.
Im going to teach you step by step on how to increase the number of usb ports available on your computer. This could cost you under $10 or free.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
wire strippers/cutters
solder and solder iron (You do not have to solder, but it is recommended)
electrical tape
needle nose pliers

1 usb cord with a male end.
2 or more(I used 2) usb female ends

You can get these materials for under $10. I had these laying around. You can go to the goodwill and pick some up, or a store, or a garage sale.

Step 2: Stripping

Picture of stripping
strip all of the wires you have which should be:
wire for male end
2 wires for female ends.

pull back the shiny wires and reveal the colored wires.

Step 3: Connecting the wires

Picture of connecting the wires
I have already made this before showing you, so i will just show you how to do 1 wire.

After stripping ALL of the wires, you should be left with 3 white, 3 black, 3 red, and 3 green wires.

twist each wire to its corresponding color. ie:green to green, red to red.

Step 4: After connected

Picture of after connected
After you've connected them all, you should have something that looks like the diagram I've drawn.

red ink=red wire
black ink=black wire
blue ink=white wire
green ink=green wire

Step 5: Solder the wires(optional) and tape

Picture of Solder the wires(optional) and tape
After twisting the wires together, you may want to solder them to ensure a good connection.

When the solder cools down, tape each individual wire.

Step 6: Tape up all of the wires

Picture of tape up all of the wires
Now you want to tape all of your wires to avoid exposure. Tightly wrap tape around your previously taped wires.

Step 7: Decorative case(optional)

Picture of decorative case(optional)
You may want to enclose your new usb ports into something to protect them. In this case, I used legos. You want to ensure a tight fit, so take your time.

Now you have multiple usb ports, instead of one. You can also encase all of your wires into one box aswell.

abcdescott3 years ago
what would happen id you put a cable going to the male usb to one femail then connect another usb cabble up to the other femail ? would that still only allow the use of one flash druve at a time or could u use bothe ? and would that still burn out the usb regulatior ?
MRslave4 years ago
does this really works?what happens if you insert 2 usb drives?
severepb (author)  MRslave4 years ago
you can only have one device plugged in at a time. now what you can do is have 2 plugs (1 for ipod, and one for camera) and then only have one charging/plugged in at once.
Correct me i'm wrong, but if you were to plug 2 usb devices into this (a flash drive and a webcam, for example), wouldn't both devices fail to work? Don't you need a hub to run multiple devices from 1 port?
I also think it wont work. Maybe for a cheap fan and a cheap led, ok, but a webcam and a flash drive, how could the computer mess with both signal?
ac1D ac1D5 years ago
also, what about the voltage both device get? split in half?
kahles77 ac1D5 years ago
no, the voltage would not be cut by doing it this way. you would still get the 5v. this looks like a hack to run multiple powered devices from your usb, such as a charger, fan, light, or other item.
right, you still get the 5volts, but you lose the current...hence lower power, and a chance to burn out the USB voltage regulator. Hence dead usb ports, and then the need for a powered hub to even plug in a thunb drive...

to be honest, what is the point of this??? to make a usb port take up DOUBLE the space??

this IS NOT taking one usb port into 2 or more....this is how to draw all the current your usb host controller can produce till it burns out...
This is what they make hubs for. At best, this won't work with two actual devices (devices sending and/or receiving data). At worst it will fry them. You can get a cheap hub for just a few bucks now. I saw a 3 port hub for $4 at Office Depot last week.
calinux4 years ago
It is a nice thing what you did but unfortunately you cannot use both plugs in the same time ...
For using both of them you need an USB hub (also be carefull the cheap hubs aren't 2.0 )!
severepb (author)  calinux4 years ago
yea i know. i figured it out that same day after the other comments. i thought it would work, but it doesnt.
hore5 years ago
how to know male or female end.
macobt5 years ago
If connect two different usb storage into the same time,will work both of them?
carlos66ba5 years ago
Sure you cannot have two WORKING devices at the same time, but you could then have the USB camera cable and the external HD cable connected at the same time. Turn one at a time and avoid having to plug and unplug the devices. This is BRILLIANT!
Berserk875 years ago
if you made this just to have another port to charge things, and not to connect another device to your computer, you arnt going to be able to charge two devices at full speed. they would end up going into the lower current charge settings, and take ages.