This instructable will teach you how to perfect the Mc donalds french fries from scratch.

Step 1: You Will Have to Have....


1) potatoes

2) vegetable oil or sunflower oil

3) salt

4) kitchen paper towel (kitchen tissue paper)

5) water


1) knife

2) vegetable peeler

3) frying pan

lol you mean 5 tablespoons of salt
<p>Yeah I was gonna say the same, he probably hasn't been to an American McD's before...</p>
UK McDonalds are the same. haha<br>
<p>Another tips, is to froze those french fries first before cooking so it will get crispy outside but soft inside.</p>
<p>May I get fat?</p>
They are so good and I have the same plate
<p>Hahaha, viewing this using macca's wifi sitting in a macca's!</p>
<p>thanks guys :) ..you guys can vote for me if you like my instructable..</p>
<p>Mmmm... Looks Delicious!</p>

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