How to Make a 3d Friendship Braclet


Introduction: How to Make a 3d Friendship Braclet

In this instructable i will teach you how to make the box stitch friendship braclet.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

you will need

5 colors of Yarn or embrodery floss
clip board or tape


Step 2: Setting Up

First cut all your threads or yarn to the length of your arm.
Then tie your strings ends together, so you have 5 loops.
After you cut and tie your strings put the knot under your clip on your clipboard, or tape it to your table or desk.
Then put 3 loops on your left hand and 2 on your right hand.

ignore the image tags on this step

Step 3: The Stitch

With the 3rd finger on you right hand go through the top of the first 2 loops and grab the 3rd loop and tighten, then put the 2 loops you went under up one finger so you have one on your pointer and middle finger. now do the same for your left hand and keep reapeating till it is long enought to put on your wrist

Step 4: Finishing

to finnish jush tie it on you or your freinds wrist



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    very nice and easy idea thank you for posting this

    Please include a video! They look easy and fun, great job.

    So cool! Please make a video along with it I'm more of a watch and see kind of learner.:)

    thanks for commeting i will take a new photo cause i got a new camera.

    This brought back a lot of memories of grade school for me!! My girlfriend and I spent many nights making just these bracelets!!! The picture does not do them justice! It is a little fuzzy! Kids will love these and they are easy but look complicated! We also would tie a knot and then use a safety pin to pin the knot down to the couch or our pant leg while we were watching TV and hanging out in the park!