How to make a FREE wi-fi network without router! (on mac)

Picture of how to make a FREE wi-fi network without router! (on mac)
how to make a free wi-fi network (no router) from www139 on Vimeo.To do this you need at least one computer connected to the internet (not phone or tablet).

computer connected to internet

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Step 1: System preferences

Picture of system preferences
go to 'system preferences' 
then go to 'sharing' 
then go to 'internet sharing'

Step 2:

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2. select: share your connection from "ethernet" 

Step 3:

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3. select: to computers using: wi-fi

Step 4:

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4. click: airport options (to give your wi-fi network a name and password)

Step 5:

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5. check the box: internet sharing. then click: start




thegeeke2 years ago
Just FYI, I wouldn't do this in a public place. Ad-hoc networks can pose a security concern to your computer. One of the first things I look for when doing a pen test are Ad-hoc networks; since all of the traffic goes through the computer. (And remember... pen testers are trained to think like hackers...) ;)
www139 (author)  thegeeke2 years ago

thegeeke www1392 years ago
Yep. ;)
www139 (author)  thegeeke11 months ago

Since then we've changed the password and the name of the network. I think we're safe.

www139 (author)  thegeeke1 year ago
oh. ;(
www139 (author) 11 months ago

I'll make a new version in the fall for os x yosemite!