playing my game boy color is kinda......meh. so i decided to freshen up my old friend WITH A NEW LOOK!

in this instructable, i will teach you how to make a game boy color case out of:

DUCT TAPE (you can use any colors you want!)
A Computer (PC or MAC does not matter)
internet (to find a image)
Pen Or Sharpie (to show where you will cut)
(optional) Exacto  Knife

Step 1: Measure

next step is to measure your game boy.

My gameboy IS: 5 IN Tall
                              3 IN Wide

(yours is probably the same measurements)

you could have decoupaged this and it would have looked cleaner.
Why didn't you use a sticker? You print it with your design and the pattern of the different holes with a better result than with the duct tape.<br><br>The idea is good, nevertheless.
because i did not really feel like going out and buying sticker paper, and i didn't really want to buy it, so i just brainstormed!

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