Introduction: How to Make a Kool-aid Bag and Wallet

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all you need for the bag is 10 Kool-aid jammers, hole puncher, needle tread, pins,scissors, thick string\rope.
and for the wallet you only need 2 Kool-aid jammers, pins, Velcro, scissors, needle and tread 

Step 1: Step One (the Bag)

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for the sides of the bag
pin three of the kool-aid jammers together by the sides. with the needle and tread sew them together. do the same thing with another  three more jammers. 

Step 2: Step Two

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now for the bottom of the bag. pin two jammers together, and sew. 

Step 3: Step Three

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pin both sides to the bottom piece and sew again

Step 4: Step Four

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now for the two small sides
pin one kool-aid jammer to the bottom piece. (make sure you have the kool-aid jammer the right way up)
sew the jammers together 

Step 5: Step Five

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fold the side pieces up and pin the ends together and sew

Step 6: Step Six

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hole punch where you want the handles. pull the rope through the holes and tie.


Step 7: Step One (the Wallet)

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cut one of the jammers slightly off centre. pin the one half of the jammer your using and attach it to the other jammer. and sew

Step 8: Step Two

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fold the (whole) jammer in half  and pin the sides and sew 
fold the other end of the jammer so the two fold pieces come together (DON"T SEW)

Step 9: Step Three

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attach the Velcro.


jennifer.rusk (author)2014-08-14

these are really easy to make and go quickly...for a no-sew option, use duct tape :)

mistyp (author)2012-03-09

This is a good example of looking at old things in a new light. Thank you for sharing.

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