Picture of how to make a Kool-aid bag and wallet
all you need for the bag is 10 Kool-aid jammers, hole puncher, needle tread, pins,scissors, thick string\rope.
and for the wallet you only need 2 Kool-aid jammers, pins, Velcro, scissors, needle and tread 

Step 1: Step one (the bag)

Picture of step one (the bag)
for the sides of the bag
pin three of the kool-aid jammers together by the sides. with the needle and tread sew them together. do the same thing with another  three more jammers. 

these are really easy to make and go quickly...for a no-sew option, use duct tape :)

mistyp3 years ago
This is a good example of looking at old things in a new light. Thank you for sharing.