Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Mod (easy)

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how to make a Minecraft Mod SUPER EASY

Step 1: What Do I Need?

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Welcome to this tutorial. i will show you how to create a Minecraft mod SUPER EASY

first download mcreator by clicking here

you can download any verision you want but im going to be using 1.8

Step 2: Opening the Program

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  • when Mcreator is downloaded go to C:\Pylo
  • soon go to you verision and then click the program named Mcreater.
  • soon the program will open and download some things

Step 3: Get Started

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  • the program will ask you for a accunt click skip or register

  • soon click on workspace in the top off the program soon click on the Create new Element

  • next you will need to choose wich thing you want to make

  • for this tutorial im going to make a green block

Step 4: Texture

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  • next click on TOOLS on the top of the program
  • next click on draw item/block texture

  • next select a size

  • soon you need to draw

  • soon click on save

  • soon save it as a block or item and enter a name

Step 5: Creating

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  • next go back on workspace

  • click on the blank block and select all you textures

  • next click next
  • select all options

  • next go to the test symbol (if you dont now where it is look at the picture)

  • next just wait and it will open Minecraft

Step 6: Done

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now you are prettty much done

if you want to export you mod to a win or jar file you just click on export mod

if you want to make something else or need help or anything plzz comment

se you in the comments


ZacR1 (author)2016-03-15

what do you mean by C:\Pylo?

Elijah Belov (author)ZacR12016-11-29

the downloaded file C:\Pylo

lyt0001 (author)2015-08-10


tomatoskins (author)2015-07-23

Cool! Love Minecraft!

Bakob Gaming (author)tomatoskins2015-07-25


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