Introduction: How to Make a Spiderman Web Shooter Prop Using 3d Printing

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here's how to make the 2012 web shooters using 3d printing.
you need:
rustoleum metallic blue
rustoleum gloss silver
a red tiddlywink
rustoleum gloss green paint
a leather cuff.

Step 1: 3d Printing It From Shapeways

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shapeways will take your web shooter files and 3d print them for you, they usually arrive in 3 days to a week.
here's the link to the files

this will be 3d printed for you and sent to you within a week.
it look like this.

Step 2: Painting.

Picture of Painting.

there's two version that can be done.
mine or my freind's.
my freind made 2, i'm still in the process of finding the pitures i took of his second web shooter.
and mine.
you'll need some small paintbrushes for this too.
start by painting the Bezel Gold and letting it dry, now paint the base silver, the second circular shape silver and the small bumpy piece green. you should have one of these outcomes.
for the red dot in the centre, use a red tiddlywink.

Step 3: The Final Product.

Picture of The Final Product.

your final product should be "amazing" BA-DUM-TISS.


Zappzipper (author)2014-10-15

i know an actual web fluid and mesage me about it because im aslo making a web shooter that shoots and hey dude nice shooter bro

baseballpro (author)2014-06-26

I make web shooters but I don't post theme

it'd be cool to see how others do it, don't be afraid to post what you make

AtomicSniper45 (author)2014-05-04

Does it work

lights, nope

actual webbing, nope

CrystalB01 (author)2014-04-24


Bwilson Props (author)CrystalB012014-04-27

thank you ;)

zNightwingz (author)2013-11-26

Dose it shoot webs


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