After finding an old line pin I could see it as a throwing knife so in a few steps I transformed it into a ..... well a throwing knife.

Step 1: Mark Your Path

Start by marking your bevel ,where you going to grind to.

Step 2: Grinding !

Then take the line pin to the grinder grinding to the line as shown , make sure the tip is sharp but not to thin then clean it up on the belt sander/grinder.

Step 3: Throw

It may take a bit of practice to get hit your target , I have now mastered it after watching few YouTube videos on on how to throw one and what seems to work best is to hold the blade part between you thumb,index and middle finger and throwing it like a javelin but with a spin.

If you made one you can comment down below and leave a picture or email me at tomhowbridge@gmail.com

Could you use something other than a grinder to create the bevels?
<p>possibly using a </p><p>Bench grinder</p><p>Angle grinder</p><p>File</p><p>Belt sander</p>
<p>I&quot;m feeling ignorant... What is a &quot;line pin&quot;?</p>
Well when i bought it i did not know what it was called but i knew what it was for.<br><br>&quot;Used in conjunction with builder's lines for marking out positions or aligning brickwork etc. Line Pins are individually forged&quot;<br><br>http://www.groz-tools.com/index.cfm?md=Content&amp;sd=Product&amp;ProductID=141<br><br>Thanks for the question Hope this helps :)
<p>Neat! A little intimidating, but very neat! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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