this is how to make a fairly cheep Studio in your bed room

Step 1: Get Supplies

Get a Good computer

it can be a Pc or a Mac i just got my mac and they work great for recording music  but it is what u have and or can aford

get softwhere
for pc audacity or mix craft on a mac for starters Garage band  or what ever you want

audio inter face or sound card
i would go with a audio inter face i have a basic Behringer  U-controller and it work good 
or if you have a good sound card that will work to.

stereo speaker and or a amp
this will pend on what you are recording in my setup i have a old stereo that works great you will need some way to here your sound from the computer and the final mix of the music M Audio makes good monitor speakers but some basic good speakers will do 
if you use a stereo you don't need a stereo for a surround sound set up

get a mixer board
when choosing a mixer take in to consideration of how many mics and interments you will be recording

get a mic
chose mic that will work for what you are recording

Step 2: Mixer

this is where u will hook your mics in to as well as your interments. 
then conect the tape out to your computer sound card line in or to the rca input on the inerface then

Step 3: Interface and Speakers

if u pick a inter face hook it to your computer then hook the coard from the second step to the input then run the out put to your speakers or stereo 
the out put on your inter face will have the complete mix from the computer recording somewhere 

Step 4: Mic Insterments and Recoarding

connect your mics to the mixer board and have any preamp hooked up to
also connect your guitars up if that is what you are using to  to the instrument input on the mixer
then you are ready to move to the computer to record.
computer recording 
make shore everything is hook up right then go to the recording software and click record
when you record if it is in your bed room like mine you are going to need head phones and all of your equipment to be close to each other 
the head phone are for the mics you will have to have the sperker volum down to record with mics and will need head phones to hear your self and others  

Step 5: Your Are Finished

once you are done recording in your new and simple recording studio  burn your music to CD and make money

Any Questions I will try to anwser then the best i can and or help

<p>I'll try this!I have the stuff,I just needed a setup plan. </p><p>Thank you!</p>
well i go to a vocational school for electronics and that is where i made it and i made it last year in school&nbsp; <br />
oh ok, cool<br />
What? Where did you get that mixer it looks like a 60's washing machine?<br /> I'm not hating on it I'm just really curious why/when and who birthed that piece of equipment...<br /> <br /> I don't even...<br />
This is a good subject and a decent start on an instructable.&nbsp; But... for a suggestion for improvement you should do some thorough spell checking.<br />

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