Introduction: How to Make Batman's Batarang From Cardboard

Picture of How to Make  Batman's Batarang From Cardboard

This is how to make a Batarang from cardboard
Lets begin, shall we?

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1.cardboard(both corrogated and non-corrogated.) glue gun and hot glue
3. a rough drawing of your batarang
4. scissors

Step 2: Cutting a Stencil

Picture of Cutting a Stencil

take your rough drawing and cut around the outside of the batarang

Step 3: Transfer Design and Cut

Picture of Transfer Design and Cut

transfer the first stencil design to some corrogated cardboard
and cut it out

Step 4: Recutting Stencil

Picture of Recutting Stencil

what we're doing here is cutting off along the highlighted line

Step 5: Draw and Cut the Next Parts

Picture of Draw and Cut the Next Parts

take your non-corrogated cardboard sheet. draw the design with the newly cut stencil onto the cardboard twice, and cutout the design

Step 6: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up

hot glue the two non-corrogated designs to the outside of the corrogated design like the picture.

paint it up and

Step 7: You Are Done

Picture of You Are Done

You're done

Now don't throw this at people and pets, and enjoy being like Batman.
( You might want more than one of these things too.)


homestuck (author)2010-11-02

i see other instructables on how to make a batarang but this is the best and easiest

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