parts needed
8 green connectors
8 red connectors
2 full moon connectors
4 black connect pieces
1 orange line connector
2 blue rods
1 red rod
and 8 yellow rods

Step 1:

first build 8 of this

Step 2:

it will look like this

Step 3:

then take your 2 full moon connectors

Step 4:

and insert your pieces like this don't push to hard just enough so they fit in and don't come out sorry you may have to tilt your head

Step 5:

then do it with the rest and it should look like this

Step 6:

then build this now your done just feed this through the holes in the full moon connectors and pull it out when ready it has a blast radius of about 2 meters

Step 7:

this is what it should look like
does it even explode or is it just for show <br>
it does give of a 360 degree radius burst and has a range of about 2 meters
1)please show a vid of it working<br><br>2)have you heard of mini knex?
TWO METRES!!!!!!!!

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