Introduction: How to Make a Bladder System for a Water Gun

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today i will teach you how to get more power from a water gun by adding a bladder to it it only works on certain water guns but any one  who has a basic knowledge of how a  super soaker  works should have no problem doing this.

Step 1: Gather Materials

2 hose clamps
a Dremel with cutting wheel and sanding drum
party balloons
PVC cement
PVC pipe
shoe goop

Step 2: Take the Gun Apart

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take your screwdriver and unscrew all of the screws and cut the pipe where the picture says to and make a plug like get up this will help the power output each pull and push

Step 3: Tank Modding Part One

Picture of Tank Modding Part One

take the water tanks off and set them aside for now

Step 4: Modding the Pressure Tank Part 2

Picture of Modding the Pressure Tank Part 2

take a piece of pipe and cut to about 1 and 1/2'' long and make it fit  snugly  and glue it in like  in the second photo (remember to dry fit first)

Step 5: Continuing With the Last Part

Picture of Continuing With the Last Part

 make sure both pieces of pipe fit snugly and are glued in and let glue dry

Step 6: While the Glue Is Drying

while the glue is drying layer the party balloons 5 or 6 for each pipe(" you also can use flexible hose to make a bladder too this
works better in practice")

Step 7: After the Glue

Picture of After the Glue

after the glue is done drying put on the layered balloons like so and put on the first and second hose clamp

Step 8: Whip Out the Dremel and Finish Up

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 make a large  enough hole in the old tank to go around the bladder like the picture below  ("and now would be a good time to dry test it .") it should work if everything is good

Step 9: Seal It Back Up

Picture of Seal It Back Up

seal it up and go try it out and good luck and have fun


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