Introduction: How to Make a Bodyguard in Minecraft!

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this is a turorial on how you can practically have a bodyguard in minecraft. that means protection against your stuff from griefers on realms! when they try to walk past, they will get hit by a cactus. the trick only works in survival,but i will build it in creative.please if you have any questions say them in the comments,like,and follow!

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Cactus House

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build a 2 block high cactus and keep putting pictures on it until you get the one shown in the pic. build a house frame in front of it.make sure to leave the space in front of the cactus

Step 3:

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put a menacing sign on top of the house

Step 4:

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oh my god what are these?!?!?!?!

Step 5:

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you trollers might be thinking,how do you get in?well its a simple answer:dig an underground tunnel under it.there it is!


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LOL step four is creepy >_< nice strategy though!

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