Introduction: How to Make a Bowl Out of Magazines in Thirty Seconds

a fun ecofriendly project that will help the earth and its creatures


luvit (author)2010-02-24

 tough decisions. 30 sec magazine bowl... or scrape out a coconut..

kemper (author)luvit2010-08-01

Hah you eva tried to scrape outta coconut in 30 secs...? hahah!

gdtripp (author)2010-04-26

Please bring the vid back!!

K I T (author)2009-12-21

 Why remove video oh  whats the point ? 

freekofnature (author)2009-11-06

cool idea. the instruction on the video went a little fast and a little unclear. good idea

Geeegee (author)2009-11-02

Can I find more instructions? Or is the video it?

lemonie (author)2009-09-05

Good use of the 30 seconds. How easy / expensive is it to get shellac these days? L

theHPbee (author)lemonie2009-09-05

I think you can get Modge Podge for about six dollars at any craft store... That's shellac, right? ...

lemonie (author)theHPbee2009-09-06

No, I don't believe Modge Podge is shellac. L

JohnnyArt (author)lemonie2009-10-10

Mod Podge is not shellac...but it could really work for this's water-based, and they have an "outdoor" variety that's supposed to be water resistant. Apply in several thin coats...

lemonie (author)JohnnyArt2009-10-12

It was shellac specifically that I was interested in, as it's not that easy to find and rather old-fashioned.


oceanblue824 (author)lemonie2009-09-10

just go to your neighborhood micheals (art supply store) and your looking at around 5-15 dollars

lemonie (author)oceanblue8242009-09-10

I'm not living in your geographical location but how much do you get for 5-15$? L

oceanblue824 (author)lemonie2009-09-11

enough for allot of project it will probably last for about like 20 of the magazine bowls

lemonie (author)oceanblue8242009-09-11

For pure curiosity do you have any idea of how many insect-excretions it takes per bowl? L

oceanblue824 (author)lemonie2009-09-13

no i dont sorry

ironsmiter (author)lemonie2009-09-06

Shellac(alcohol with the shellac flakes), not so common as it used to be, however... Varnish(linseed oil with the shellac flakes) is a suitable substitute. Is cheap, and available almost anywhere. Polyurethane and lacquer are, in every way I can think of, a better finish. Most home stores, any woodworking store, many hardware stores, will all cary them. Couple dollars for a gallon.

lemonie (author)ironsmiter2009-09-06

Thanks, it was shellac specifically that I was interested in (w/ref to the alternatives you mentioned) L

ANTQNUT (author)2009-10-11

Wow! very creative and the music was a nice touch :D 

amakerguy (author)2009-10-01

nice project! could you tell me what the music is? I really like that song

Chromatica (author)amakerguy2009-10-01

into the ocean Blue october

amakerguy (author)Chromatica2009-10-01


Chromatica (author)amakerguy2009-10-03

your very welcome

evilbunny61954 (author)2009-10-01

OOOOOOO its a thingy :O

tomha_the_cat (author)2009-09-11

Great instructable ;) I can't wait to try it. Are you going to do any written instructions or know where any are? One of my friends does not have a computer and wants to try this.

Tape-structable (author)2009-09-05

Song please? Im not really familiar with it. Sorry for the off topicness.

behonu (author)Tape-structable2009-09-06

That would be "Into The Ocean" by Blue October

firesketch (author)2009-09-05

Thanks a lot, will use this ;)

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