this is a bullet necklace i made because i had always wanted one

Step 1: Selecting the Bullet for Your Shell

select the bullet with the least damage to it and a shell to match

Step 2: Pop Out the Primer and Drill Hole

make shure that the primer is actualy dented and pop out with tool or screw driver then dill a hole all of the way through the shell right above the lip near the primer

Step 3: Adding the Bullet

next to add the bullet take the bullet and shell put them together hammer softly if needed

Step 4: Add Either the Key Ring or Necklace

Step 5: Done Last Note

finnished now you can do what ever you want to with your bullet accesories sell them or give them as gifts 

ps some bullets may fall out so just use a punch and hammer and make small indents to keep bullets in
Bullets contain lead,so this seems unsafe
<p>so does a prius </p>
<p>Your kidding right? Like seriously u have to be kidding.</p>
<p>are you british</p>
Aw c'mon I've only got one bullet!
ya what caliber?
I think that it is 50.
its a 45-70
How do you know?!?
i ment the one in the picture can you up-lode a picture of yours
Okay, it may take a while.
where do you get all the parts?
the mountains in a unofficial plink range basically just a flat stretch with a hill or back stop

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