in this instructable i will show you how to make a quick and easy bullwhip. mine is black with an inch thick handle and is 106.5inches long from tip of handle to tip of cracker. you will need: some rope washing line, some gaffa tape(aka duct tape), some leather, fake leather or just a blow up chair you dont mind destroying, scissors, wool and ur hands.

sorry about the pictures i had to make them on power point cos i had allready made my whip and couldnt take it apart.

do NOT attack any one with this instructable, any injury caused by this instructable is NOT my fault and i will not take responsability for it.i made a holder for my whip if you want me to post an instructable on how to make one message me.

Step 1: Main Body

this is the part when you get the first length of rope clothes line( thin rope).
sos again about the pictures.
I like your Instructable. I have combined elements from yours, ch5's, and rabarbarbaar's instructables to make a very nice paracord bullwhip. thank you for the instructable.
ch5's whip was way better :P everyone here if you want a better quality one you should make ch5's whip. https://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord-Bullwhip/
I do believe that you have inspired me to make a true (leather) bullwhip. It looks cool, and just in time for Hollows Eve. I must give you props for creativity, and commend your idea of using everyday items (close-line, tape) in order to create a realistic looking bullwhip.
 if you whip it correctly the crack is ear splitting :P
Instead of sewing the cracker, you can unweave the tip to create the same effect, and make a knot at the base of the unweaved length to keep it at that point. Nonetheless, cool<br />
cool whip<br /> <br /> i saw in a MAKE magazine they had a bull whip but the leather for it is 3 times the price of buying one on ebay<br /> <br /> nice ible

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