Picture of how to make a bullwhip
in this instructable i will show you how to make a quick and easy bullwhip. mine is black with an inch thick handle and is 106.5inches long from tip of handle to tip of cracker. you will need: some rope washing line, some gaffa tape(aka duct tape), some leather, fake leather or just a blow up chair you dont mind destroying, scissors, wool and ur hands.

sorry about the pictures i had to make them on power point cos i had allready made my whip and couldnt take it apart.

do NOT attack any one with this instructable, any injury caused by this instructable is NOT my fault and i will not take responsability for it.i made a holder for my whip if you want me to post an instructable on how to make one message me.
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Step 1: Main body

Picture of main body
step 2.bmp
step 3.bmp
step 4.bmp
step 5.bmp
this is the part when you get the first length of rope clothes line( thin rope).
sos again about the pictures.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of handle
this is when you make the handle, attatch another peice of rope on the first on with gaffa tape.

Step 3: Handle again

Picture of handle again
step 4.bmp
bring the rope back and wind it aroun the first peice of rope back to the tip of the handle. the handle should now be at least an inch thick and sturdy.

Step 4: Making the whips outer body

Picture of making the whips outer body
this s the stage when i tell you how to make the whips inner shell...

Step 5: Cracker

Picture of cracker
after making most of the outer body you should leave around 3inches for the cracker to be strapped to.
sewing the cracker is a good idea because after a while it will start to fall out of the whip.
oh and you should also pleat the peices of wool together and then knot it at the end, cutit off so that there is about 2 centimetres after the knot. after the cracker is sewn onto the end of the whip wrap gaffa tape around the tip of the whip so that there is no rope showing.
Nicholas G.4 years ago
I like your Instructable. I have combined elements from yours, ch5's, and rabarbarbaar's instructables to make a very nice paracord bullwhip. thank you for the instructable.
ch5's whip was way better :P everyone here if you want a better quality one you should make ch5's whip. http://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord-Bullwhip/
jpond0096 years ago
I do believe that you have inspired me to make a true (leather) bullwhip. It looks cool, and just in time for Hollows Eve. I must give you props for creativity, and commend your idea of using everyday items (close-line, tape) in order to create a realistic looking bullwhip.
freerunnin1 (author)  jpond0095 years ago
 if you whip it correctly the crack is ear splitting :P
Instead of sewing the cracker, you can unweave the tip to create the same effect, and make a knot at the base of the unweaved length to keep it at that point. Nonetheless, cool
xbox1kid5 years ago
cool whip

i saw in a MAKE magazine they had a bull whip but the leather for it is 3 times the price of buying one on ebay

nice ible