Picture of how to make a cardboard telephone
I've always had an interest in cardboard. When I was 7 I made a car out of it, but I thought that cardboard models were too simple. I decided to make something out of cardboard that was more complicated. I decided on a phone. And yes, it does work. It took the better part of a day to make, but wasn't very difficult to do so. I'm only 14 and have very few skills in wiring and technology, but was still able to to this easily.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
You don't need very many things to make this project. You need:
1. Scotch tape
2. Pen (or sharp object)
3. Scissors
4. X-acto knife or other kind of blade
5. Fine point Sharpie
6. Magazine to protect your table when cutting cardboard
7. Old telephone you can completely destroy

Step 2: Take the phone apart

Picture of Take the phone apart
The phone i chose was near impossible to open. the base was fairly easy thanks to a screwdriver, but the top part was held together so tightly, i had to pry pieces off of it before i could twist it apart. From there, i unscrewed the circuit board from the phone. I then had all the necessary pieces to work a phone.
hey man this is the best im gonna use this phone so much u rock
twocvbloke5 years ago
Great job, makes me want to have a go, but I'll probably find something else to do... :D Now you have to make a cordless one... :D
Slackerstephen44 (author) 5 years ago
Yeah its really ugly, but it works, and thats all i care about. =] thanks for the comments i will work on making it look better! hahaha
agis685 years ago
Well is the ugliest phone i ever seen....well done :)
jtmax245 years ago
Wow, you did a great job? A lo-o-o-ong time ago when I was 16 I found a cardboard telephone kit. It was a basic phone with preforated cardboard that you cut out and put together. It had a basic on/off switch to hangup/answer. You phone reminds me of that phone I miss, until I got it wet. :'-( Please keep up the great instructables.
lemonie5 years ago
Well it doesn't look that pretty, but that's no obstacle to being a great build. I salute you. L