have you got a boring old usb drive that just kind of... sits there? do you wish it was a little more futuristic, a little more interesting? this instructable will show you how to remove the case of your blend-in old usb drive, and reveal it as a futuristic piece of technology worthy of science fiction.
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Step 1: The boring usb

 this is my usb, a one gigabyte imation flash drive. the black swinging piece just clicked off, but the case was glued, and required some gentle persuasion with a craft knife. when dissecting your own usb drive, take care not to gouge through the case and cut the circuit board. it could ruin a perfectly boring usb drive, and that wouldn't be very nice, would it now?       

Step 2:

Picture of
 congratulations! you now have a super-awesome case-less usb! despite its fragile appearance, it will be incredibly sturdy, and will live rather happily as long as you don't stand on it or get it wet. please comment, rate, subscribe, and feel free to ask questions. see ya!

EDIT: actually, get it wet! (well, a little bit anyway.) as long as it isn't plugged in when it gets wet, and you dry it out, nothing will happen : )  
colorex3 years ago
I used my 1G PNY flash drive like that for a year... And I removed the case because I soaked my clothes for nine hours with my flash drive in them...
Now, I recently had to open my newer flash drive, 4G Kingston Data Traveler, for the same reason... soaked it a few minutes more in alcohol, and Voilá, as good as new. Though the case looks very abused...
waffleman3 years ago
To make it water proof:
Coat it in epoxy.
It makes it water-proof and you can still have the no-case look.
toogers4 years ago
you should rename it "how to DE-make a flashdrive"
One. (author)  toogers4 years ago
good idea XD
toogers One.4 years ago
wow! i had no idea you would actually take my suggestion! i'm honored!
One. (author)  toogers4 years ago
well, it was a great suggestion
How about, "How to de-flash a drive" ?
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
You could cover it in enamel or glue to make it waterproof. Maybe.
Zombie6664 years ago
I do clear epoxy casting, the technology has been around since the World War, we have electrics sealed in epoxy since then that are still in excellent working order. If you do want to coat something like this in Epoxy DO NOT use epoxy 2 part glue, you need CASTING epoxy, it will not disolve the circuit.
Why shouldn't you use the 2-part epoxy glue? I use it all the time for covering things and one of my flashdrives was covered two years ago. It still works fine.
natman34004 years ago
I first did this to a PNY with a solider pad defect because the case was causing it to fail. I am still using it daily 3 years later. Once my school drive had the same defect, and it quit working in the middle of class when i was trying to get a report off of it, but by then i had go good at it, and just grabbed the drive and broke the case off using my special method (thumb-nail it, pull, and twist HARD) And handed it back the teacher. The tech-illiterate (no offence, but he doesn't even know how to hook up his projector) teacher timidly said "will it shock my?". After I gave him the answer, he then slowly plugged it in, and proceeded to jump when the light came on. Half the class broke out laughing. Oh, and I forget to mention it was my "Basic electronics" class. The dude was just a long term sub, and for that time i basically taught the class. Funny that the day before we were working with usb-powered proto-projects, and i repeatedly warned, "The voltage IT NOT enough to shock you, unless you lick it or jab it into your flesh."
thartaros5 years ago
could you coat it with epoxy or something to make it more wear resistant?
One. (author)  thartaros5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
would it be possible to coat it in some silicon? or make some clear silicon or some plastic to make a case/cover for it but still allow to be see through?
One. (author)  timweaver174 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
yoyojedi One.4 years ago
Wait what? you've tried to use epoxy several times, but you're 11 and don't have access to silicon?

Pardon my confusion, but silicon and epoxy are about as easy to acquire.
Because of higher abuse potential, or carcinogens, what ever, in some areas you have to be 18 to buy silicon. This includes my area.
Bardouv4 years ago
 I take the cases off my drives so that a bunch will fit at once on my comp. however, I wrap mine in electrical tape to protect them.
frost{420}4 years ago
 Just hit yoru local hardware (even some dollar stores) and get some clear caulking (or colored if you prefer). It ranges from a buck to several and lasts a long time. Ive done some in black and dabbed on some "spikes", or if you use brown, you can get a cool tree bark texture, add some thorns and you get a pretty kool look. if its got l.e.d.s clear is the way to go....
One. (author)  frost{420}4 years ago
 cool! I might try it, and if I do, I'll post a slideshow.
x z i t4 years ago
the title should be "how to take apart a usb"
knuckel4 years ago
 lol i made this along time ago/ with my foot, i didnt think of it as being great, more as a safety hazard in my computer
vixbot4 years ago
 You could cover the whole thing in hot glue 
quazatron5 years ago
Try wax.
One. (author)  quazatron5 years ago
 wouldn't wax just scratch off ? (+[__]::)
josandre5 years ago
And look out to not get it between the door and the doorpost
lemonie5 years ago
How long have you been using that drive (as it is?). Can you qualify the statement "it will be incredibly sturdy, and will live rather happily"?

One. (author)  lemonie5 years ago
 yes, i can qualify that statement. i had been using a usb drive with no case for about three years until i stood on it and it snapped, so i photographed the modification of the new one and turned it into an ible'
lemonie One.5 years ago
Thanks, 3 years usage is the sort of thing I wanted to hear.
Standing on one and it ''not'' snapping would be incredible wouldn't it?

error325 years ago
Well this is of course not very wise to do!
You should at least coat it with epoxy or something alike.