Picture of how to make a charcloth-maker
how to make a charcloth-maker

im not responseble for anything you do whith this thing
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Step 1: The stuff you need

Picture of the stuff you need
beer can

wide can

high can



cotton cloth

Step 2: Takeout

Picture of takeout
bornholm+annat 564.JPG
bornholm+annat 565.JPG
take out the parrafin from the "cup"

save the cup, its the part you will need

Step 3:

Picture of
bornholm+annat 567.JPG
use the scissors or a knife to make a small hole in the bottom of the wide can

Step 4: The cut!

Picture of the cut!
bornholm+annat 571.JPG
cut the beer can like in the picture

Step 5: The cut(s)!

Picture of the cut(s)!
cut like in the picture

Step 6: Fuel

Picture of fuel
bornholm+annat 585.JPG
fill the cup half full with alcohol

Step 7: Insert

Picture of insert
put the cup in the beer-can-thing

Step 8: Put on

Picture of put on
bornholm+annat 580.JPG
put the high can on the beer-can-thing, and put some cloth in it

Step 9: Put on 2

Picture of put on 2
bornholm+annat 583.JPG
put the wide can upside-down on the high can

Step 10: Fire!

Picture of fire!
bornholm+annat 591.JPG
light it!

dont do this indoors, the smoke smells really bad

Step 11: Wait

Picture of wait

Step 12: Done!

Picture of done!
when the fire is out you can take out the finished charcloth

i also beleve that you can use it to make small quantities of charcoal
Great Ible! I'll be doing this later today.
zaronas3 years ago
yah that really bad smelling smoke i presum is coming out of the hole in the top of the wide can, that stuff is called wood gas, which is extremely flammable, if you light it as soon as it starts pouring out at a decent amount youll have a flame on top which you could use to heat another can on top of this, or you could run the gas down to the underside to create heat instead of your candle
rallekralle (author) 3 years ago
wow, i didnt even have to answer.(-:
Can you write a bit about why charcloth is useful?
Charcloth burns VERY easily ....so easily in fact that it is the preferred tinder for fint and steal .... even over other methods such as wax fire sticks, fire paste, or magnesium.
Thanks, I was gonna ask the same thing as Moonbeam. Whats Charcloth?