here is a simple instructable on how to make a chariot for your rat to ride behind your dog on, and all you need is a cardboard box!

Step 1:

find a box. not any box will do, but only the best box for your noble rat to ride into battle on!(i used a rice cracker box)

Step 2:

second cut off all of the flaps, and keep them for later use

Step 3:

for the wheels, take a cup and trace circles on the flaps. then cut out the circles and attach them using pins to the box. if the wheels arent staying up right, use cardboard to hold the wheels in place

Step 4:

cut out and attach cardboard strips to the side of the chariot at the appropriat length for your dog

Step 5:

add some support peices to hold onto your dog with

Step 6:

voila, your very own rat carrige!
<p>I would do this but..... my dog would eat my rat. :( Cute idea though! I LUV IT!</p>
Ha! That's adorable great job!!
<p>The only way for a rat to travel! Very orginal and very cute!</p>
<p>Cute.... as long as no one throws a ball! If you had a bunch of rats and dogs you could do a re-make....&quot;Ben-Fur.&quot; Sorry, couldn't resist. </p>
<p>Do you remember the &quot;Mouse and the Motorcycle&quot; books? We used to put our hamster in a cardboard cup taped to a remote control car and drive him around. Your idea is probably a little safer :)</p>
Oh, that's really AWSOME
So cute
<p>This is amazing and adorable!</p>

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