in this Instructable ill show you how to make a cover for a school book, or a diary etc..

this is my first time... so please be gentle...

Step 1: Get the Stuff


you will need some pencils or pens or a computer running something like paint

some paper big enough to cover the book, or just to cover the front of the book

some old magazines (I suggest glossy but any will work) or you could print your favourite font on some glossy photo paper, that will work too (this is to write your name on the front because it would be covered up by the paper)

some scissors

some glue, pritstick, pva etc...

shapes to draw around like a bowl, tin or money.
this clear sticky back plastics (picture will explain it all)
Wow nice designs<br>I needed some thing creative for my school books and notebook <br>and it is perfect.<br>i'm just gonna show my friends and wont tell them how i made it. hahahahaha<br>just kidding, its really awesome
You're at least half right with &quot;it's almost worth making an instructable just for puting the plastic on&quot; (I know) - if you've found a good technique that works well you should!<br/>Your work is well presented, if you're after improvements they're fairly minor:<br/>show the book you start with, rotate some of the images 90<sup>o</sup>, capitalise the first letter of sentences and &quot;i&quot; - (check spelling).<br/>Good job.<br/><br/>L<br/>
ok thanks, so basicly the grammer is the problem, i use word and i spent a whole day adding in auto corrects so now its almost perfect for me, i make alot of notes and ive just gotten used to it. yeah i can probably get another book, and i might take some more photos. thanks for the feedback!!
No not the grammar - just the odd capital, &quot;I&quot; and the odd word like terminater which my Firefox spell-check is underlining (terminator). The whole thing looks good - <sub>you know how to rotate images?</sub><br/><br/>L<br/>
i was using my friends computer, so no, but when i get home i will

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