Step 2: Draw Your Design

in the first photo this is basically just a black, blue and red biro scribbled all over an A3 piece of paper (11.69 x 16.54 inches) and stuck on my English exercise book.

on my art books I did something slightly different, i went crazy drawing circles and coloured them in, thats the third and fourth picture

on the fifth onwards i basically the same but i used different shapes and i have to stick the letters on it.

I'm going to be drawing a really small one as a demonstration. oh yeah draw with a light pencil, that way the pencil wont show if you get it wrong.
Wow nice designs<br>I needed some thing creative for my school books and notebook <br>and it is perfect.<br>i'm just gonna show my friends and wont tell them how i made it. hahahahaha<br>just kidding, its really awesome
You're at least half right with &quot;it's almost worth making an instructable just for puting the plastic on&quot; (I know) - if you've found a good technique that works well you should!<br/>Your work is well presented, if you're after improvements they're fairly minor:<br/>show the book you start with, rotate some of the images 90<sup>o</sup>, capitalise the first letter of sentences and &quot;i&quot; - (check spelling).<br/>Good job.<br/><br/>L<br/>
ok thanks, so basicly the grammer is the problem, i use word and i spent a whole day adding in auto corrects so now its almost perfect for me, i make alot of notes and ive just gotten used to it. yeah i can probably get another book, and i might take some more photos. thanks for the feedback!!
No not the grammar - just the odd capital, &quot;I&quot; and the odd word like terminater which my Firefox spell-check is underlining (terminator). The whole thing looks good - <sub>you know how to rotate images?</sub><br/><br/>L<br/>
i was using my friends computer, so no, but when i get home i will

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