Picture of how to make a cool halo assult rifle!!!
Heres a few simple tips to make a halo assult rifle mod!!

Step 1: Equiptment:

1. you need to go and get the knockoff rifle from a store.
2. hack saw
3. hot glue gun/something that melts plastic
4.a nerf recon
5. grey/gloss grey spray paint
6. and this tutorial

Really cool cant wait tomake it

chrismist2 years ago
Tex 353 yes but u have to cut the hole through the green thing
emolloy2 years ago
The knock-off blaster is a a Plasma Blaster by Buzz Bee. You can probably get them off amazon, there's probably some on Ebay and i'd imagine some shops would have them a well.
Tex3533 years ago
It's awesome looking and all, but does it shoot??
JAWS11465 years ago
dude this is osom
Rashadel1195 years ago
its a great job but needs more detailed info. Like what kind of knock off you got and things of that sort.
CB20015 years ago
Here's a question I have to ask: The knock-off... what stores have them? I mean, I heard K-Mart had them, but I checked the one nearby and they didn't have them.
Oh, cool, instructions. I saw this on the 405th the other day and was wondering how to make my own. Muchas Gracias :D