Introduction: How to Make a Cool Halo Assult Rifle!!!

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Heres a few simple tips to make a halo assult rifle mod!!

Step 1: Equiptment:

1. you need to go and get the knockoff rifle from a store.
2. hack saw
3. hot glue gun/something that melts plastic
4.a nerf recon
5. grey/gloss grey spray paint
6. and this tutorial

Step 2: The Rip-off Assult Rifle

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ok now take the hack saw and cut off the cowl from the infomous rip-off

Step 3: Attatch It

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now get the hot glue gun or whatever you have to melt the plastic and put it on the barrel of the when you do that you need to make it flush with the other part of the gun.

Step 4: Lets Get Messy

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now to make it look like the assult rifle, you will need that spray paint. now go over everything including the cartridges and the stock and everything.

Step 5: And Your Done

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and there you have it. your very own halo assult rifle nerf.

now just for shits and giggles, you could insert a light of your choich and mabey a scope. its up to you. the sky is never the limit


limkd (author)2016-11-08

WOW!!!!! I modded a nerf strife to make it look like it was from fallout

HaloBro117 (author)2016-01-07

dude does it shoot darts? Can u make one for me let me know at I'll pay fifteen dollars for it

Bansheetrix (author)2015-12-03

Awesome. I have a few friends who have nerf guns and love halo. I can't wait to use this and piss on their chips.

mucho.spicey.weiner (author)2014-10-13

Really cool cant wait tomake it

chrismist (author)2013-07-19

Tex 353 yes but u have to cut the hole through the green thing

emolloy (author)2012-11-22

The knock-off blaster is a a Plasma Blaster by Buzz Bee. You can probably get them off amazon, there's probably some on Ebay and i'd imagine some shops would have them a well.

Tex353 (author)2012-05-10

It's awesome looking and all, but does it shoot??

JAWS1146 (author)2010-08-28

dude this is osom

Rashadel119 (author)2010-08-03

its a great job but needs more detailed info. Like what kind of knock off you got and things of that sort.

CB2001 (author)2010-06-06

Here's a question I have to ask: The knock-off... what stores have them? I mean, I heard K-Mart had them, but I checked the one nearby and they didn't have them.

Landon Sullivan (author)2010-06-01

Oh, cool, instructions. I saw this on the 405th the other day and was wondering how to make my own. Muchas Gracias :D

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