How to Make a Cool House in Minecraft





Introduction: How to Make a Cool House in Minecraft

This ible is to show you how to make a house in Minecraft PC or PE using just

  • a tree
  • lava
  • water

Step 1: Lava!

Find a tree and cover it with lava. put one bucket of lava on the top and let it cover the whole tree. If you see open spots like in the picture put a bucket on top.

Step 2: Burn!

let the leaves, and trunk burn inside the lava. make sure all of the tree is gone or this won't work!

Step 3: Tower

build a tower like this one, and make sure when you pour water it will go on the spot where you put the lava.

Step 4: Water!

pour the water off the tower. again make sure the water hits the spot where you poured the lava

Step 5: Finishing Up

get rid of the tower, add a door, and some inside decor.

Step 6: DONE!

decorate the outside, and your done!



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just. Be sre to put the lava in the center of the tree and cover up and other spots lava

good, i tried itbut it didn't work. why?

it did not cover the whole tree.


just make a giant stack of leaves and wood instead.

All right now i have them... And the one that fat and tall that is JUNGLE TREE and the other tall one is 4x4 spruce and the lava one is normal spruce!


Nice! Also if you want it really tall, you plant one tree, then replace one leave block with dirt, then put another tree on top of the dirt block, and do the lava and the water

That sounds great, I will try it!