How to Make a Creepy Mustache and Goatee




Introduction: How to Make a Creepy Mustache and Goatee

This is a Character for my movie for tech class.

Step 1: What You Are Going to Need

All you are really going to need is a black eyeliner.


You can use more then one colour eyeliner to make it more real looking but for now I'm just going to use this one black eyeliner.

Step 2: Start a Applying They Eyeliner

After you get the eyeliner, make sure all of your hair is out of your face. Then lightly apply it where you want your mustache to be. You can make your mustache fine or thick looking. 

Step 3: How About a Goatee? to Go With That Mustache

If you want a goatee all you have to do is apply the eyeliner to your chin. Start out fineand then go a little harder as you fill out the spot were you want your goatee to be.

Step 4: Freckles Is Optional

If you want to add fake freckles all you need to do is to place the eyeliner on the spots you want freckles and twist. But do not twist too hard. It would be best to use a brown eyeliner for this.

and that's it you are done!!



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