Picture of how to make a crossbow-easy!!!
today i will teach you to make a 20cm x 20cm crossbow using bamboo skewers, tape, elastic bands, and a straw or empty pen tube.

Step 1: Get your ingredients

Picture of get your ingredients
you will need 4 bamboo skewers, a lot of elastic bands, tape -electrical works best, and empty pen tube or straw.
Annix153 years ago
not to be rude or anything, but you call this easy????
yes. But it's not a crossbow. It's a slinshot with a similar shape to a crossbow. In a crossbow, you get power from the flex of the wood, not an elastic band.
SkidinDINGO3 years ago
sorry to burst your bubble but this is not a crossbow, it is a slingshot that has the same basic shape of a crossbow.
mfalah4 years ago
The picture is unclear