follow the steps and you'll be fine
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Step 1: Pieces you need

Picture of pieces you need

Step 2: Step #1

Picture of step #1

Step 3: Step#2

Picture of step#2

Step 4: You should get this piece.

Picture of you should get this piece.

Step 5: Repeat steps2-4

Picture of repeat steps2-4

Step 6: Connect the pieces

Picture of connect the pieces

Step 7: Look at the picture.

Picture of look at the picture.

Step 8: Connect to the other piece you saw previously

Picture of connect to the other piece you saw previously

Step 9: Almost there

Picture of almost there

Step 10: One more time

Picture of one more time

Step 11: And you are done

Picture of and you are done
enjoy break it up again and keep doing it until you can master it. enjoy
Looks fun. Good instructions too. Though I'd suggest that you make some photos of the magnetic parts too, to make it a little clearer.
Welcome to the site, and have fun :D
thanks for writing on my sister's page
does NP mean no promblem or nope?
Np means No Problem
just wanted to know
rosyred (author) 2 years ago
if you people want to see the next thing that can be made from this ball

hears a challenge this must reach 200 likes to see the next inscrutable.