How to Make a Dart Out of a Pen





Introduction: How to Make a Dart Out of a Pen

You will need
2.a cutting tool
3.a bic pen
4.a nail or screw

Step 1: Taking a Part the Pen

you did to start by taking a part pen . and throw every thing away but the tube of the pen and the cape.

Step 2: Making the Tip of the Dart.

take the nail or screw you have and tape the end were the x is.
then take the cap and push the nail or screw in to it.

Step 3: Attaching the Tube

then attach the tube to the cap just like you would a real pen.
and then cut four line's and the end where the cape is not at.
you wont to cut the fout line at the right ,left, bottom right and bottom left of the tube.

Step 4: Taping the Fin

to make the fin you need to fold the paper in hafe ,then fold it agin intell you get a smaller paper then before then on fold it

Step 5: Finshing the Fin

then cut out one of then four squres and fold the squre like you would a paper tip. then fold the tip back but mkae shore it is steal o the paper. the cut off the paper that you don't need. then fold the squre into a smaller squre. and then push then paper inwerd and attach it to the four line's on the back of the pin.



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    why a screw? nail would be better also, i found that square vanes work better good job though

    2 replies

    its says nail or screw in the describtion

    thanks, it was my frist time doing somthing like that. but l will try to do better the next time.and the nail would work better then the screw .

    hahahahahahahahXDare you serious?! can't believe this is still here :). i was nine when i made this. guys come on*facepalm* back then what nine year old could type well ? im 21

    It shouldn't be just a dart it should be a pen dart! lol :P


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    lol nice

    Come'on... who doesn't have a slip of the fingers every now and then? lol

    yeah, i know but at least one word per sentence was misspelled. there are words i have a hard time spelling and my fingers slip too, but one a sentence is too much

    hey nice dart thats some good work i just got done making it


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