How to Make a Disk Spinner From an Old CD Drive




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Introduction: How to Make a Disk Spinner From an Old CD Drive

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this will teach you how to make a motorized disk spinner

Step 1: Step 1

firt you need to take the disk reader out of a cd player or dvd player.

Step 2: Step 2

now you need to flip over th casing

Step 3: Step 3

now you need to locate the motors wires. then you need to cut the wires off.

Step 4: Step 4

now unscrew the motor from the rest of the casing.
(mine didn't come unscrewed so i just snapped it off. if you are planning on snapping yours off then you need to be careful not to break the disk holder part off. otherwise this won't work.)

Step 5: Step 5

now you need to choose a disk and put it on the holder.

Step 6: Final Step

this is the last step.
you sill need to hook it up to 9 volts of power.

thank you for your time.



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    use printable discs and use some marker pens on it while it is spinning to make some fun patterns

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    that's what i did

    oh i dunno about this being pointless . . .if you grab a sharpie you can make some great designs (circles and spirals are the easiest)while it's spinning . . .

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    that's what i did but instead of making this disk spinner i tried doing it while my cd player was reading and spinning the disc(and no it doesn't do any damage whatsoever but you need to be careful with the pressure you apply to it)

    Iv connected it up to my broken rc car and it works

    2013 06:14 PM.jpg

    i did this "minty-style" (enclosed in an altoids tin)years ago. the "point" is to spin a junk cd up to realy high rpms about a horizontal axis then release by tipping the case sharply. The gyroscopic effect of the spining cd resists the tilting motion and the cd falls neatly to the floor and takes off in the direction of rotation. they can reach high speeds quickly with good traction and will sometimes smash themselves on hard objects.

    i've done much CD spinning of my own, 9v battery is not enough, 12v lead acid is the way to go!

    I made one years ago that would shoot CD's across a room as self defense. The problem was that 6 of 10 would fly forward, and the other 4 would explode immediately.

    it was actually automated to fire the cd? that's awesome! i'd love to see the design

    It was automated as long as you pushed in the button by your thumb to run up the disk, then release the button and pull the trigger, and it would push up on the inner-rim of the disk and fling it. Or it would catch the tray I used to help protect sweaty hands from going into a disk and destroy itself. Needless to say, I no longer have it.

    i thing i can make something like that out of k'nex

    You probably could, but I'd give you this advice first: Make a panel that will prevent flying disk shards from going your way, wear safety glasses, and use a high-RPM motor.

    Hehe, Look here. This guy used a dremel to spin a CD, and some ran up his wall twice, others shattered instantly, others shattered when the hit the wall.

    I've seen stuff like that. I used my version to launch them down the middle of the road.

    well it seemed to work

    you should put that on an instructable