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Step 1:

<p>tooooo cute for words!</p>
<p>that is so cute</p>
OMG! I mean oh my god! Its so hard to make. Let me tell you the truth, i did not understand anything. But your tut is very nice. I like it. Its perfect. Maybe understandable for bigger ones but i am only 10 years old.
<p><em>I personally had no issues with this tut. Made it for my partners Sister and she adored it. Thank you for making this tut &lt;3</em></p>
Awesome instructable! It took me a bit of time to figure out the steps but it was worth it!
nice charm
<p>thank you so much mine turned out to be really cute</p>
<p>it's a little bit hard though how do do the triangle part in step 2?</p>
Is it double bands or single bands
i foumd it too hard im dtuck here:
<p>Nice work love it but my bow don`t turn out right but I did it thanks</p>
<p>how do you add text to your pictures ???</p>
too adorible
Could you do a better job at explaining next time? It wasn't as self explanatory as presumed.
very cool! I made two
That looks cute!
<p>great work!</p>
I made two!Thanks for your tutorial!
I made a dress and it turned out cute! Thank You!!!
How cute this dress! I make 2 for my bff and my sister :-) :-) :-)
<p>that's really nice of yours......did they like it?</p>
<p>So pretty! I wish I could wear them a little bit! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>your welcome and thank you too..... ^^</p>
This is so cute! I love its=P
<p>thank you :)</p>

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