Step 4: lining

This step is the easiest step, all you is cover it with the tape you want to be on the inside(if you have more than one color.)
Only cover one side, the other side should look like the picture on step three.
Cover the top part that sticks up on both sides.
<p>I like it, I think a selection of colors would be beautiful.</p>
<p>Mine is so cool. This is great! Recommend it, but it takes like 30 minutes to an hour to make.</p>
My BFF i coming over ths weekend and this looks like an amazing craft for us to do and it is adorable and super easy. I have one more thing to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
these look so easy to make and really nice! <br>i'm making one for my friend's birthday! wish me luck! <br>THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D i've been looking everywhere and this has really easy to understand instructions, too! <br>:)
mine looks GREAT....!!!!!!! <br>Good idea.! ;)
that is soooooo cool
this looks like something i did <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Woven_Duct_Tape_Wallet/,">here</a><br/>
thank you
These are nice, the braided handles look great!

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