How to Make a Easy, Delicious, Tomato Dish.



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Introduction: How to Make a Easy, Delicious, Tomato Dish.

this is great dish, and takes less then 5 min.!
good for picnics and all sorts of meals.

Step 1: Getting Your Ingredients

For this dish you need:

1: tomatos, about 2 per person.
2: olive oil ( I have to say that this is something you might want to spurge on, it makes a difference)
3: pepper and salt
4: (optional) basil

Step 2: Slice and Dice

Now slice tomatos into 8ths and put them into a bowl of the appropriate size. Add about a capful of olive oil for every 4 tomatos.

Step 3: Seasoning

Now add pepper and salt, tasting as you go. It's really a matter of preference. I personally think the more you put on the better it is.

Step 4: Eat It! Yay!

Now eat your lovely masterpiece, yum yum!



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    Are you serious. Tomato dish? What a laugh.. you needed to do a instructable for this. GET A LIFE for real...

    this is sooooooooo cool!!! em

    use a natural or sea salt and you can use less but taste more....

    1 reply

    oh yeah, that sounds like a really good idea. thanks!

    Sounds good (could eat that right now) - you don't have a camera them? L