How to Make a Easy Water Rocket





Introduction: How to Make a Easy Water Rocket

one of the easiest water rockets you will see how to make.

if you shoot this bottle rocket at yourself or at something else or break something with it i do not take responsibility.

this rocket goes under very high pressure and can go very fast and hurt somene else or hurt yourself so please dont be stupid with it and use it safely.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

Give a general description of the Step instructable is so easy you only need three things.
1. schrader valve
2. bottle cap
3. and a pump

a drill (or just a knife)

Step 2: Step One:

now get your bottle cap and make a hole big enough for your schrader valve to go through (make sure that you have to force it through so its air tight)

Step 3: Step Two: Shoot the Rocket

now all you have to do is screw the bottle cap onto a bottle (any bottle that your cap fits on). once it is on pump it to about 50 psi (do not over pump or it will EXPLODE) once at 50 psi aim the bottle up but not at your chin aim it away from your head and unscrew the bottle cap as fast as you can. then it will fly really high i dunt know how high but it goes pretty high.

p.s have fun an play safe



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    lol sorry for the late reply regards on the air gun i jus used a ball valve with a schrader valve in it an connected a barrel an a coke bottle haha i didnt exactly go and buy everything it is all recycled and it has exploded on me 3 times lol ty for the comment

    You sound somewhat like me.Liking potato cannons,air guns,water rockets ect.I think I'll make this water rocket.

    lol yer you should see my fully recycled potatoe gun i made when i was bored haha it hasnt blown up on me YET.


    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!! how does it fire??????

    again sorry for the late reply =] but it fires like anormal potatoe gun.


    Hm cool my dad has build two long potatoe guns that are sweet!!!!!!!!!!

    chamber: plastic penut butter jar cut the top off reducer: top of a gatorade bottle barrel: pvc pipe with tape wraped around the bottom so it can fit good ignitor: old lighter ignitor thingy and all taped together pretty powerful and it hurts because i wanted to c if it hurt or not so i shot my hand and it really hurt lol.

    Cool!You should post the air gun and potato cannon.

    yer lol ill do a instructable on my new cannon wen i need to rebuild an im thinking about doing an air gun instructable lol

    to stop it exploding and shrapnel going every where wrap thin duct tapee whole thing !


    You should retake the first pic. its a bit dark in the first pic. I will give it 4 stars!!!

    2 replies

    thankz! sorry for a late reply =.=


    You're welcome!! and it's ok!

    wow! sorry for a really late reply!
    well a schrader valve is the valve you use to put air in your bike tyre and car tyres.

    Unscrewing the cap would take A LOT of time!!! The water would get out in your hands. A better idea is to take out the valve core, so when you remove the pump you can release the rocket.