this is a stick dummy i built to practice stick fighting on. here is a link to my other instructable on how to make sticks to go with it.

the materials, 1, a large pole(more on this later). 2, dowel rods of different sizes. 3, some scrap wood lying around. 4, four L brackets. 5, lots of screws,and 6, a one inch and three fourths of an inch drill bit.

Step 1: To the Pole, People!

the first thing (and probably hardest to find) is a large pole. depending on your size, it may be bigger or smaller than mine. mine is 5 feet tall, which would work for most people, but taller people may want it bigger. for mine, i went to my back yard and cut a tree(a stunted one, that is) to use for it, though if you could get your hands on a fence post,that would be better. the key thing is that it be round, that is the most important part. 
Very nice! I'll have to make one of these for use with swords and possibly to mess around with the wing chun training. <br>Nice 'ible! :)

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