this instructable is about how to make a fast sled with simple items and in only 10 steps. this is great if you broke yours and all stores are out. I made this after my sleds couldn't handle my ramp after about 100 times and broke.

Step 1: Materials

materials needed
1 black garbage bag
1 thick box
duct tape
colored duct tape (optional)
tools needed
exact-o knife

Nice. You can check out http://tobogganhills.com/ for a map of local sledding hills, and also add hills to the map for others to locate and enjoy. Many sleds will thank you! :)
cool thanks
When I was a kid and first moved to the snow belt my first sled was made this way. I had forgotten all about it until I saw this.
My mother-in-law works in an engineering office and gives me cast-off mylar drawings to use for various projects. I discovered during last year's SnowMG event that one of those makes a very effective sled. Just hold up the front over the knees and push off.
the bag I used is VERY heavy duty and is holding up great. Also I put canola oil and i forgot to put that in my instructable. thanks for the tips and this is my first instructable so sorry for any mistakes.
a lot of plastic trash bags are really thin and will rip quickly, heavy duty bags would be ok for awhile, heavy construction plastic would be even better. Back in the day... like the 60's and 70's we would either use just plain cardboard or occasionally rub the cardboard with carwax to help it repel moisture. Thank you for the chance to take a trip down memory lane..
Heh my parents used to use pizza boxes, back when they were made out of wax-coated cardboard on the outside. They would shred after a few runs, but were cheap (or free, if dumpster-dived...) and smelled delicious...I've tried it a few times, but modern boxes don't hold up well enough...<br><br>kbbb1155, if you can find it cheaply or free, plastic drop-cloths (used by painters) and slick vinyl make fantastic sleds, too. These materials are quite durable and very slippery...speed boost, anyone?
check this video out this sleds are insane <br> <br> <br>http://youtu.be/n9BJkXnYngY <br> <br>enjoy it
I was at the snow once and next to the ski run a lodge was selling one its apartments. there was 80cm X 120 cm coroplast realestate (realty) sign out front nailed to post. it came off in seconds and I was 300meters away a few seconds later. <br> <br>cool structable, brought back memories. <br>
cool story

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