How to Make a Female Nurse Hat





Introduction: How to Make a Female Nurse Hat

 all you need is red and white form paper, hole puncher, scissors, grid paper, clear string, pencil and eraser

Step 1: Step One

on the white foam paper draw a rainbow shape design. cut the design out, (make sure they are even on both sides)

Step 2: Step Two

 hole punch two small holes, this is where the strings will go.

Step 3: Step Three

 on grid paper draw out a plus sign. 3x3 per square. cut the plus sign out and trace it onto the red foam paper.

Step 4: Step Four

 with double sided taped attach the plus sign on the white foam.

Step 5: Step Five

 pull the strings through the holes and place the hat on someones head and tie the strings tight enough so its a perfect fit.

Step 6: Finish Product

 the hat should look something like this



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Just wondering, how well does this stay on for you? I am wearing it for an entire day, and before I make it like this, I'd like to make sure it won't keep falling off. Thank you!

    Super!! just the thing I needed for my skit. Thankyouuuu

    Kinky... Might try this for a medical themed party coming up, thanks for sharing an easy design!

    My sister, who is in school to become a nurse, found this helpful for studying.

    Very easy! I think this could definitely help someone out come Halloween. :)