as a am curantley at bording school i cant actualy give you the images from my stafs so i will explain it as best i can with all that is avaliable to me (i will probably use paint so you get the general gist)

i am not an expert on firebreathing or on making stafs and tortches but the ones i make look prety good and my stafs cost less than £15 to build and my tortches are made from the of-cuts but if using precice mesure ments could probably be made for under £7 ea (when making both together i could get evrything for under £20.)

Step 1:

just to clarify, i made this instructable when i was 13 years old, i recently received a message from someone on here which reminded me of my username (email notification). i found i hadn't published this instructable so here i am publishing it, over 5 years later.

sorry if its a bit rough and ready, i wanted to preserve it in its entirety.

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