How to make a fire tortch for fire breathing (not a bad one from wood)

Picture of how to make a fire tortch for fire breathing (not a bad one from wood)
as a am curantley at bording school i cant actualy give you the images from my stafs so i will explain it as best i can with all that is avaliable to me (i will probably use paint so you get the general gist)

i am not an expert on firebreathing or on making stafs and tortches but the ones i make look prety good and my stafs cost less than £15 to build and my tortches are made from the of-cuts but if using precice mesure ments could probably be made for under £7 ea (when making both together i could get evrything for under £20.)
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Step 1:

just to clarify, i made this instructable when i was 13 years old, i recently received a message from someone on here which reminded me of my username (email notification). i found i hadn't published this instructable so here i am publishing it, over 5 years later.

sorry if its a bit rough and ready, i wanted to preserve it in its entirety.

Step 2: Stuf you need

Picture of stuf you need
you will need quite alot of stuf for this to work so read this whole instructable throo before going to hardware store

list of stuf u need:

Buy a length of aluminium or steel piping with a diameter of between 0.7 to 1.2" -figure 1- depending on size of hand and at the length you feel comfortable holding in your hand imagining a reasonably large flame at the end, and always remember that your proportions will look something like this
-figure 2- (I use steel because I find a slightly heavier staff helps to keep momentum whilst spinning and throwing, but steel staffs must be treated with WD40 or other lubricants regularly to keep from rusting).

then get at least 2 difrent colors of tenis tape to be used later in the handle.

Buy some long bolts, some washers and some nuts probably about half the soze of the exterior diamiter of the pipe (so a 1" diamiter pipe would be a 0.5" drill bit and slightly smaller bolts).